How to Decide on a Brand of Skis

There are over sixty different snow ski manufacturers worldwide, so how are skiers even to begin to narrow down that field? One way is to speak to friends who are experienced skiers. They will have tried a few different brands, and will have an opinion about their favorite brands. Another way is to rent skis at the slopes. Ski resorts, ski facilities, and even community operated ski areas offer rentals for people who do not own a set of skis. The pricing is low so it is a cost-effective way to try out different brands.

The brand choice also has a lot to do with the preferred type of skiing. Classic downhill skiers, for example, may wish to select an experienced manufacturer that has been producing skis for decades. Those who prefer newer types of skiing, such as freestyle, may want to go with a modern brand that has developed innovative designs for skis. One example is Black Crows skis, which was founded only a decade ago by professional free-skiers.


The creative design and new shaping of the first model, Corvus, was made in an effort to move the sport forward. A larger wingspan allowed the model to make high speed turns. A slightly different shape made it easier to maneuver sudden directional changes. Today the brand has eighty-three different models of skis for men, women, and youth. The Black Crows Atris, the newest addition to the line, was named the Powder magazine “Skier’s Choice” for big mountain ski for 2017. Those interested can find Black Crows Atris for sale online, and at ski shops.

Another way to decide on a brand is to purchase a different brand of “demo” skis until the perfect brand, style, and design of ski is found. That saves skiers a lot of money while they are deciding on a favorite brand. Purchasing demo or used Black Crows Atris, for example, can save as much as sixty-five percent off the full retain pricing. The term “demo” refers to skis that have been used as rentals at resorts. Many available options for demo skis have been used for as few as one to five days. Skis are typically rented for one hour lessons, although some can be rented for a whole day. The skis are well maintained, cleaned after every rental, and have years of use left in them. This option is also ideal for youth skis because they outgrow skis so quickly.

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